Monday, November 14, 2011

Many Paths to God ~ A Fatal Flaw of Reason

While well meaning, those who believe there are many paths to God, have some serious flaws of logic they sometimes, do not wish to see.  This fundamental new age doctrine also says that if anyone claims Jesus Christ is the only way to God, they are narrow and bigoted. I'm going to cover a few reasons why this view is fatally flawed in logic and intellectually dishonest. Can you accept the intellectual challenge? 

One of the fatal flaws of logic of the many paths to God view is that all the major faiths of the world, accept Christianity, are based on works and not on faith. Religion says you must do good, be good and then, you can be justified before God, Christianity says NO! No one can be justified before God with works. It is only through faith in Christ that one can be justified. Trying to be justified through works before God would then cause one to think themselves higher than another. This is a cause of pride and arrogance and by its very nature, is not a foundation for love, as would be the opposite, humility, grace and empathy. 

 All the religions of the world have some form of works justification. This cannot become a foundation for love, therefore, by their own religious confession, are proven wrong. It is also quite foolish before God, of anyone who would think themselves better than a skid row bum. If you had the parents, health and circumstances of that skid row bum, many of us would be in the same place. Thank God for your good parents and being cut a break in life. Thank God you didn't get the same deck handed to you when you were young and vulnerable. Therefore, no one can ever be justified by "being good." Yes, it pleases God when we are doing good, but don't let anyone think they can lay the foundation of works for justification before God. We've all sinned. Every last one of us. Who's got the payment for your sin? Who's got you covered?

Another point is, if God was to say Buddhism, Catholism, Hinduism, Islam and protestants were all his, then God could be blamed because each one of these faiths is very different from the other and this would cause division and war. God does not want to divide the people like this. He would then be called a schizophrenic because one faith says to mistreat people in the name of their god and the other says to love your enemies and make peace, along with many other differences. So is God a schizophrenic?

Of course not, but those dooped by new age philosophy, by their reasoning, make God out to be a schizophrenic who has no absolutes, but raises "prophets" to disagree, saying contradicting things with different morals??? By the new ager reasoning, this is God disagreeing with himself. However, that is not of God! It is Satan and his demons who are doing this to mankind and this philosophy is the very philosophy that caters to this demonic sugar coated spiritual candy and sticks it's head in the sand over this great flaw of reasoning.

God is going to unite the entire world under the Kingship of Jesus Christ. It won't be Buddha, though he has some good values. It won't be any of the Hindu gurus, who would let a den of snakes live near a home where children play, just so the snakes can live out their "karma." None of them have the power or even promise a return to straiten out the mess down here, in a total overthrow of the powers that be.


He is the only way to eternal life and he has earned it far and above all the others, by giving his own blood! Buddha never earned it. He was too busy trying to find enlightenment. Mohammed took blood, instigating over 60 wars. Moses spoke of one coming after him who is greater than he, and Krishna was too busy fighting battles with demons, so the fable goes, but Jesus never needed a sword against a demon. He simply commanded them to be gone, so there is a vast and obvious difference when comparing the lives of them to Jesus (excluding the flaws of followers). Go to the source, not from the dirty waters from down stream.

Given fair time and a chance to realizing this, it is only those who God calls a dishonest heart, that continually hold to these lies, once presented with the facts, so I suggest that it is really honesty that is the issue here. Otherwise, one would make God out to be confused and a schizophrenic by disagreeing with himself over fundamental spiritual truths. One cannot reduce God to the religion or thinking of convenience. Now is the time to come into deeper understanding and honest confession and when you do, God will begin to reveal himself more and more to you if you make the firm decision to follow Christ.

If you cannot accept the challenge to your philosophical dishonesty, at least come clean and say you need time or something to  stall you because you're not ready for the truth. At least be honest with yourself.

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12 Holy Bible